As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to gain global momentum, there are growing concerns about its impact on marginalized and underserved communities. HAO fears that regions areas with extreme socio-economic inequalities like East Pokot could be hit hardest. East Pokot is located in an arid area with chronic water shortage and harsh climatic conditions such as high temperatures and insufficient rainfalls. The Pokots have to choose between using water for drinking and domestic chores or for hand washing as a basic way to curb the coronavirus. East Pokot has 67% poverty rate and 56% food poverty. The Pokot people experience deaths annually from starvation. They do not have access to asset ownership nor income. Most of them are raising destitute dependents.

The government efforts to impose travel bans, businesses shut down and rigidly enforcing social distancing, to curtail the Covid-19 pandemic is exacerbating inequalities and disrupting life-saving health services such as childbirth care, putting hundreds of pregnant mothers and their babies at great risk. Traditionally underequipped health centers in East Pokot are now empty and evacuated. Pregnant women are turning to unskilled traditional birth attendants with crude tools.  

Hifadhi Africa is appealing for support to help households in East Pokot cope with Covid-19 pandemic management guidelines that call for high levels of hygiene, social distancing and all-time covering of faces while in public areas.


We are seeking to procure a covid-19 delivery kit equipped with sterile supplies accompanied by face masks, sanitizers and baby blankets. The delivery kits will restore dignity of pregnant women seeking services of unskilled traditional birth attendants. Proper equipment reduces any chances of complicated birthing.

Covid-19 Home kit

Hifadhi Africa is appealing for coronavirus lifesaving home kit. The kit has essentials such as face masks, sanitizers, sanitary products, food and soaps. Kits will be delivered to poor households who cannot afford to buy and therefore keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Covid-19 Information Dissemination kit

This Kit is critically needed to enable Hifadhi Africa design, develop, produce and disseminate online and/or technology-mediated framework for civic education, trainings, information dissemination and IEC communication materials for community Covid-19 needs. The message of sanitizing, washing hands and wearing masks as the best chance for humanity to fight the virus cannot be stressed more at grassroots level.

The growing importance of digital and interactive media in public and NGOs’ sphere has necessitated new skills set and approaches on communication, online advocacy, new media content production and consumption, information analysis. Hifadhi Africa is positioned because of our strong community relationships and intimate local knowledge of the communities’ needs and the best ways to meet them.

HAO has already distributed donation of food gift hampers, sanitizers, reusable face masks, 150 Hand Wash stations in strategic places like churches, markets, outside of shops and hotels. 20 liters of washing soaps were purchased and placed at each station, under the care of identified persons. The project also distributed 18,000 kilos of maize and beans. Further, 50 beehives were distributed to women groups of bee keeping farmers to start and run honey production businesses to support their families during these uncertain times and beyond. 15000 people have been impacted directly so far and 45000 indirectly.