Key Statistics

Check out our impact

Through support from development and aid partners such as CO:OPERAID and Rotary foundation, HAO has constructed 8 sand dams, drilled and repaired 3 boreholes, installed 26 water tanks and constructed 7 rock water catchment and 4 shallow wells.

Others include;

Promoted integrated use of water for community irrigation farming.

Supported 763 households with 109 goats to improve on their livelihood

Provided water purification systems in 4 public schools and 100 households

Conducted 20 community sensitization forums targeting 1,500 people.

Constructed a 225,000-liters capacity concrete tank with self-harvesting tank roof and self-supporting super-sized gutters for rainwater harvesting.

Constructed 25 Pit Latrine toilets

Provided learning materials to 20 public schools through the Wanafunzi Wa Pokot (WWP) project funded CO:OPERAID.

Provided school uniforms to 1,000 poor students through the Wanafunzi Wa Pokot (WWP). 1000 more are lined to benefit from phase 2.

8 Pokot volunteering ECD teachers were incentivized and trained

Selected to independently monitor U.SD $261,840 Rotary WASH global grant implementation funded by Lacey Rotary Clubs (USA) in Kisii region.

Capacity built Pokot women and youth groups.

Conducted 33 Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) training and capacity building sessions benefiting 4,500 people.

Provided cash transfers to 500 orphaned and vulnerable children and young mothers.

A glimpse about us

HAO’s programmatic solutions are designs to encourage community engagement and participation in productive activities that involves acquiring the knowledge, skills, social network, raw materials, and other resources to meet individual or collective needs on a sustainable basis.