Robert (Bob) Cairns

"Bob was a commissioned USAF Officer and served 5 years on active duty and 15 years in the USAF reserves. He worked his entire 45-year career with the USAF and the US Navy in providing logistical fuels support to all the military services. He used his expertise to manage fuel operations in South Dakota, Canada, Florida, Spain, and Washington State. He held the distinction of being the only person to supervise the 2 biggest Department of Defense fuel storage facilities that the USAF has in the world and the US Navy has in the continental USA. After retirement in 2014, Bob dedicated his life to realization of Hifadhi Africa and Rotary humanitarian missions. Through Hifadhi Africa and Rotary International, Bob was able to provide life altering experiences through the pursuit of scholarships and projects supporting people living in such diverse places as Azerbaijan, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Canada. These people were able to use these life altering experiences to further careers serving others. Rotary District 5020 Rotary Clubs, for his patronage role at Hifadhi Africa's e-learning project. For his dedication to international causes, Bob’s Rotary Club was recognized in the last 2 out of 3 years with the District 5020 International Program Award."