the challange

Our challange

HAO is a youth-led NGO promoting social empowerment, resilience, and sustained prosperity through the adoption of community-centered approaches. Our work is embedded in grassroots civic mobilization and engagement. That is not enough. Hifadhi Africa targets and partners with destitute communities in excluded and uninhabitable regions. Our missions and staff reach out to the world’s poorest and most marginalized people, particularly vulnerable to drought, land degradation, and climate change – all of which result in hunger, poverty, conflict, and economic stagnation.

An example is East Pokot, a community with one of the world’s highest illiteracy and poverty indexes. The approximately 170,000 residents of East Pokot, in Baringo County, Kenya, have 96%, 67%, and 56% illiteracy, absolute poverty, and food poverty rates respectively. More than 60% of Pokot children in the East Pokot Sub-County never attend school in their lifetime while further 80% do not advance from 8th grade. 93% of the Pokots live in stick houses with no asset ownership. Income is virtually non-existent and traditionally under-represented groups such as youth and women have limited business-related knowledge and skills, resulting in insufficient access to economic opportunities.

Lack of necessities of life like food, water, shelter, and clothing translates to deaths each year from starvation. HAO’s programmatic solutions are designed to encourage community engagement and participation in productive activities that involve acquiring the knowledge, skills, social network, raw materials, and other resources to meet individual or collective needs on a sustainable basis. Income-generating activities provide the basis for food security and self-reliance, contributing towards general stability, prosperity, and peace. HAO’s work enables partner communities to live with dignity.