The general objective of this programme is to provide equitable community access to safe water,
improved sanitation and hygiene and strengthen the ability of our partner communities to develop and
maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems.

Construction of 4 new sand dams at seasonal Natan river

The 4 newly constructed sand dams provided
solution for community Water, Sanitation and
Hygiene (WASH) and livelihood development
needs through community farming. Combined
with previously constructed sand dams, the
project has enabled community members to
have sustainable water supply, improved food
security for the people, supported establishment
of sustainable income sources, resulted in
environmental conservation and prevention of
land degradation, improved health status of the
people through access to clean water and nutritious  food and capacity building and skills training of the community members to enable participation, management and maintenance all project components.

Improvement of attendance rates in school, especially among girls

In the first project, Hifadhi Africa distributed 150
Hand Wash stations in strategic places like
churches, markets, schools, rescue centres,
outside of shops and hotels, to encourage
people to wash hands. 20 liters of washing soaps
were purchased and placed at each station,
under the care of identified persons.
In East Pokot, Chemolingot Day High School,
Chemolingot Primary School, Chemolingot Boys
High Schools, Chesakam Primary School and
Cheptunoyo Primary School each received 5
hand washing stations. CANA Girls Rescue Home
received 4 hand washing stations and AIC
Chemolingot Church received 6 stations.