About Us


To be the most relevant African organization for the people by the people of Africa through empowerment, sustainable development and harmonious coexistence


To afford equal opportunities to societies for prosperity


The objectives for which the society is established are to organize and promote the welfare and economic interests of its members.In particular, the society shall undertake:

1.To promote thrift among its members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings and deposits and create thereby a source of funds from which loans can be given to them exclusively for provident and productive purposes, at fair and reasonable rates of interest; thereby enabling them to use and control their money for their mutual benefit.

2.To ensure progress of members and society through continuous education programs on proper use of credit, reduction of poverty, human dignity and co-operation.

3. To apply the co-operative principle of co-operation among co-operatives in order to promote members’ interests. In furtherance to the objects the society shall affiliate to the relevant National Co-operative Union and the Apex society


During their campus years as undergraduate students of United States International University, Collins Nakedi, Jovenal Nsengimana & Charles Mwakio voluntarily engaged themselves in various community development projects that aligned them towards a common vision beyond friendship to create a platform focused on sustaining examined African societal opportunities that they hoped via HAO will shape the future of Africa through sustainable development.